Wine The Casual Way

Ridel. Wine, the casual way.

The following are words that current CEO of Riedel Crystal of North America and eleventh generation glassmaker from the Riedel housewifery, Maximilian Riedel and used to desribe the stemless wine glasses he developed in Based on the initial success 2 styles launched, Riedel has now designed over 8 stemless wine glasses ranging from a conventional Viognier / Chardonnay glass to a more contemporary stemless Champagne glass. Generally, what sets their stemless collection apart from the somebody else is that any glass is grape variety specific. None offer varietal complete selection specific options that Riedel offers, a great deal of glassware brands carry a stemless reddish wine glass and a stemless whitey wine glass.

The question is. Why Stemless Glasses?

Sounds familiar , doesn’t it? Stemless wine glasses are much more practical and easier for everyday use, while not meant to completely replace your stemmed wine glasses. The hassle or washing and cleaning stemmed glassware combine with breakage increased risk is rather frequently not worth the advantage of enjoyng a fine wine in its improve glass. Reality that maximilian Riedel obviously understood this and thankfully designed and pushed a wide selection of more conveneint and trouble free glasses.

Riedel stemless glasses, for thosee who love an elegant, uncomplicated glass design that is grape variety specific. As a outcome, it fits every minibar, short, vehicle glove compartment, picnic basket and dishwasher kitchen. On top of this, broke stems are ultimately a past doodah! Ultimately, you will realize that nce yu go stemless, it is complex to go back and will be your required wine vessel.

Seriously. Brendan McCarthy is CEO of ClickToShop LLC which owns. Since adding Riedel stemless glasses to the site has brought home.